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"The Art of Being Humane is a charitable organisation birthed out of one girl's desire to use her gift of photography to tell the 'Untold Stories' of those who were voiceless. By so doing she hoped to celebrate their goodness, shed light on their plight and MOVE others to help where help was needed. That girl is me"...Rudo Nyangulu-Mungofa                 [Read more here]


Through the creative and innovative minds / talents / skills / abilities of those willing to "be the change they want to see", our goal is to raise awareness of different issues affecting society, shining a spotlight on people in need and their issues as well as helping local organisations / institutions that are not otherwise regularly funded to raise awareness of their needs and draw the individual and companies who are able to meet their need.

We challenge YOU to be that creative catalyst for change in your community because catalysts like us will be the building blocks for sustainable growth and development in our communities, for the eradication of poverty and the alleviation of suffering for the voiceless.

Together we can make a REAL AND LASTING Difference right where we are!

Accountant or Musician, Engineer or Poet...Whatever your sill set, talent or service we can definitely use you!!!!! 

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