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Hello And Welcome to the most important part of this blog and what we do here at The Art of Being Humane Foundation, the causes section. Here we will list every need we come across that we are trying to assist in meeting for individuals, groups, communities and cities. Below are the challenges we are trying to turn into Good News Stories, please click on each link to see what you can do to Get Involved and be the difference you want to see in our world.

"No cause is too big for us to manage when 
we choose to tackle it collectively
No cause is too small that its not worth our time 
BECAUSE every person and their needs matter"  
- Rudo Nyangulu-Mungofa


Donate BOOKS! - Help us build a library for ages  0 - 18yrs
for Matthew Rusike Childrens Home


Help us give women the confidence to #EndTheSilence

We seeks to connect women with each other
and with information via the World Wide Web

We are passionate about life and want every child to have a fighting
 chance from birth and we are committed to keeping this issue visible
and a talking point as well as an action point. Read More Here


Thank you for stopping by and Here is how you can Getting Involved!

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