Friday, 15 October 2010

What water shortage?

Water feature
Bristol City Centre, United Kingdom

Water shortage?
 Not in the West...
It is not realistic to stop those who have access to an abundance of clean running water to use it as they see fit. An individual, family, group or community in an environment where fresh clean water flows from their taps on demand cannot be expected to consider those they do not see, half way across the world who do not have this luxury like the woman in the charity water picture above with a glass of what comes out of her tap...only her tap is not one that gives even dirty water on demand. It is a hole in the ground to which she has to walk many miles to retrieve this dirty, 'water borne disease' infested water in order to quench her thirst. No I cannot and do not expect people who have never left the comfort of their western  or should I say 'first world' lifestyles to really understand what it it like to be so thirsty that you drink urine in a bid to quench a dryness in one's mouth that vie's for a 'desert' status. No this would be unfair indeed.

It is however not too much to expect this affluent few, (the mark of affluence here being anyone who can call upon fresh clean water at the turn of a tap); having been alerted of this situation to be moved to action...
Image from Charity: Water
What can they do? 
Stop using their water?
Send their water to those without?
Feel guilty for having fresh water when others do not?
NO...this will not do....
But what everyone can do is give...

Charity: Water is an organisation that is dedicated to bringing fresh water to the world's poorest who lack this basic human need. 

You can support their work by donating here...

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  1. very insightful images, loved your blog! keep up the humane project!


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