Monday, 9 January 2012


The Art of Being Humane Foundation pledges to do all it can to raise awareness of the issues facing impoverished pregnant women in relation to receiving adequate pre and post natal care particularly for those women who are HIV POSITIVE.

If you know someone who has a story to share or a need requiring help in this area please do not hesitate to contact us  as follows:

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Whatsapp: +263 77 4545 700

Born HIV Free Campaign with the Global Fund
Below is a moving video that shows the scale of the problem and 
the hope for the next generation through the work of the Global Fund.

The Art of Being Humane Foundation has been supporting and working with an economically deprived HIV positive lady called Mwema who was pregnant when we met her. Here is her story

Our aim 

Subject to funding which we are still sourcing, we aim to turn Mwema story into a documentary as this is the story of many underprivileged HIV positive women living in Zimbabwe who in theory have access to the ARV therapy to protect their children from contracting HIV at birth BUT in practice there is a barrier to getting this ARV Therapy, a US$30 registration fee to the maternity clinic - The rule is -- Only registered women can access the FREE ARV Therapy to protect their baby for HIV regardless of their economic positioning.

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