Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Born HIV Free Campaign supported by the Art of Being Humane

The Art of being Humane are proud to be supporters of the 'Born HIV Free' Campaign.This is one of the most important causes of our time because this is a cause to save the future. According to Avert,  1 in 7 of the 2 million people who died from Aids and related illnesses in 2008 were children. Children acquire the virus from their parents with approximately 90% of the children living with HIV contract the infection from their mothers during pregnancy, child birth or breastfeeding. HIV / Aids has claimed the lives of so many children and has crippled many of those living with the virus today, reducing the their life expectancy and quality of life considerably. 

The work of the Global Fund is therefore extremely important as the first step towards ensuring that the next generation emerges free of HIV / Aids. The steps that need to follow are robust education programmes about the effects of HIV / Aids and then giving them opportunities to achieve and excel in their lives resulting in the recovery of the world's most precious resource; human life. There is no single program that is more important than this one and it is fundamental that we not only talk about it, but spread knowledge and information about the program as well as pledge our commitment as individuals to do what is necessary not to contract or spread the disease, to ensure that our children are born HIV free and to give towards ensuring that program 'Born HIV Free' is a success for our children; the next generation; the future.

Today, treatment to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child exists. 
The Global Fund is the main channel for funds to achieve this goal

 Every hour approximately 31 children die of Aids.


Video from The Global Fund; More videos here


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  1. It is such a tragedy, isn't it? All the orphans because of HIV/AIDS, and of course all the babies being born HIV positive. Thank you for sharing this important info..


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