Monday, 20 September 2010

LRBT Appeal for Flood Relief in Pakistan

Images and Information from the Graham Layton Trust.

A really good friend of my brought the work of the Graham Layton Trust to my attention recently and shared with me the serious post flood conditions that the people of Pakistan are living in. This article is therefore an appeal for your support for the LRBT Flood Relief Pakistan project that is being run by the Graham Layton Trust to help the people of Pakistan. The following is some key information about the current situation in Pakistan, there is a great deal more information and an opportunity to donate and get involved in this cause on the Graham Layton Trust website.

Those affected by the flood are in dire need of clean water, medical treatment, shelter, food (and cooking utensils), clothing and fodder for their surviving livestock as a starting point in the short term. In the long term they will need assistance to rebuild their communities and re-establish business, agricultural activities and restore infrastructure. If you have any of the skills necessary to help with this effort please do consider offering your time as a volunteer with a relevant agency to 'be the difference' for the people of Pakistan. Contact the Graham Layton Trust for information about how you can volunteer and get involved.
People stranded due to the floods
'We need your help to support LRBT’s mobile teams operating in the flood-devastated areas of Pakistan.' 
LRBT's seven medical teams are treating victims of the floods at free Medical Relief Camps within the catchment area of LRBT hospitals throughout Pakistan. LRBT’s teams consist of locals who know the area, speak the language and are familiar with the customs. LRBT is fortunate in enjoying goodwill resulting from its work over the past quarter of a century; we do not foresee any security problems in the areas of operation. 

LRBT is treating the following diseases: Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Cholera, Malaria, Vomiting, Skin infection, Cough, fever and Eye infections.

You can support their work by giving a donation that will buy more medical supplies, food and essential personal hygiene items that these people are in desperate need of. 
Please support this cause and help with the crucial work that  the LRBT Flood Relief Program is doing.

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