Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Art of Being Humane 2nd Annual Bachelor Auction in Pictures

Thank you to all those who came out and supported the bachelor auction this year! 
A special thank you to our sponsors Imba Matombo Group of Hotels' Gecko Gardens, Bina's Chiratidzo and Inonzi Memory Photography. A big thank you also to our partner / main sponsor Chocolate Princess!

The Bachelor Auction in Pictures

The Purpose of the auction

The Art of Being Human Foundation gives a '100% giver's guarantee'. This means that if a donation or pledge is made for a specific cause we give 100% of that donation or pledge to that specific cause. We do not take out any administration fees (operating costs) from'specific donations'. However we do have operating costs that need to be met and therefore we have taken the approach of raising funds specifically for The Art of Being Humane that will cover these costs. We do this in three ways; having annual fundraising activities, inviting companies to pledge support (monitory/goods/services) and through social enterprise initiatives where we create merchandise that we sell. ***The bachelor auction is one of our annual fundraising events.***

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