Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Art of Being Humane 2nd Annual Bachelor Auction Auditions October 27th

If You are a bachelor OR You know a bachelor who would participate in the auction for a good cause and for fun please get in touch with us as follows:
Call or whatsapp: +263 77 9993993
Inbox us on: Facebook here

"We are looking for SINGLE Men (not married customarily or legally or living with a woman considered to be a life partner / wife) to come along and participate in this charitable event.

We are not auctioning YOU 
were are auctioning a DATE with you to single ladies in Harare."
The Purpose of the auction
The Art of Being Human Foundation has a '100% giver's guarantee'. This means that if a donation or pledge is made for a specific cause we give 100% of that donation or pledge to that specific cause. We do not take out any administration fees (operating costs) from'specific donations'. However we do have operating costs that need to be met and therefore we have taken the approach of raising funds specifically for The Art of Being Humane that will cover these costs. We do this in three ways; having annual fundraising activities, inviting companies to pledge support (monitory/goods/services) and through social enterprise initiatives where we create merchandise that we sell. 

The bachelor auction is one of our annual fundraising events.

Bachelor Auction Details

For tickets contact the Chocolate Princess Hotline on +263 77 9993993

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