Tuesday, 17 June 2014

APPEAL for Donations: Lizzy Moyana requires assistance with her quadruplets care

Lizzy Moyana 24yr old now mother of six after giving birth to quadruplets in Chiredzi last week
The Need
24 year old Lizzy Moyana after enduring a 12-and-a-half-hour-long labour that started at Mabeye Clinic in rural Chipinge and ended at Chiredzi General Hospital, 180km away was shocked to find herself giving birth to not one but four babies - Three of the babies — two boys and a girl — weighed 1,8kg each, while the fourth one — a boy — weighed 1,5 kg.
Lizzy Moyana who is already the mother of a six year old girl and a three year old boy is currently living along with her children as her husband had left for South Africa to seek employment. Lizzy is a poor subsitance farmer struggling to make ends meat so the coming of three extra mouths to feed, though joyous was also a big blow. “I am happy that I have given birth to live and healthy babies, but the challenge that I am facing now is that I don’t have money to look after the babies. [SourceNewsday Online.]

How YOU can Help

The Art of Being Humane Foundation is carrying out a collection of anything and everything that could assist this family primarily; 

* Baby clothing - Especially woolen clothing, baby grows, tights, etc
* Baby winter blankets and receivers  (The warmer the better)
* Baby bottles, baby dummy's, baby feeding utensils, stereliser, sterelising tablets
* Baby food (formula, Cerelac) 
* Baby bath and bathing products 
* General warm bedding to keep them all toasty this winter
*Baby toys

What You Need to Do

Contact Us!!!!

Please get in touch ASAP and let us know what you are able to do to help us help Alice and her family

Email: artbeinghumane@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +263 77 4545 700

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