Thursday, 5 June 2014

Good News Story: Winter warmth comes to little orphans at Matthew Rusike Children's Home

We had the honour of being chosen by a group of lovely Australian ladies with huge philanthropic hearts to identify babies and toddlers who would be the beneficiaries of their donation of knitted clothing and blankets this winter. The ladies made the items themselves with a desire to keep disadvantaged Zimbabwean children warm this winter. 
The Art of Being Humane Foundation's founder Mrs Rudo Nyangulu-Mungofa putting a hat on a two week old orphan assisted by Matthew Rusike Children's Home Board Chairman Mr Vanani Simon Nyangulu at the official handover.

On Matthew Rusike Day, 1st June 2014, The Art of Being Humane Foundation's founder Mrs Rudo Nyangulu-Mungofa made an official handover of the knitted goods to Matthew Rusike Children's Home board chairman Vanani Simon Nyangulu. The children who would directly benefit from the donation included a two week old abandoned baby boy that had recently joined the Matthew Rusike Family. 

"This is a great gift for our smallest children who are most vulnerable during the winter period" said Mr Nyangulu. 

Various 'house mother's' responsible for the children's care at Matthew Rusike were also present for the handover and assisted as Mrs Mungofa dressed some of the children in hats and woolen vests while others were given blankets.

 "The ability to link someone [the Australian women] with a talent / gift that they want to use for good and someone in need [Matthew Rusike orphaned children] and successfully bring about a positive change through that connection is what The Art of Being Humane Foundation was designed to do. It is humbling work and so very worth while when you know you have made a difference in the life of a child" said Mrs Mungofa.

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