Monday, 14 July 2014

Donation to Mrs Moyana from The Art of Being Humane Foundation

In June we heard about Mrs Moyana, a Chipinge resident who gave birth to quadruplets at Chiredzi General Hospital. We asked you to assist us raise a donation of either cash or kind so we could give Mrs Moyana some assistance as she was unemployed and from a low income home. 

I am pleased to announce that we got a great response from you and together we were able to raise a donation to send to Mrs Moyana which was delivered to her by the Rotary Club of Chipinge on our behalf this week. We reached out to Rotary to assist us to deliver the donation as we do not have any volunteers that live in the Chipenge / Chiredzi area and they were more than happy to enable us by assisting us with the logistics of the delivery of  the donated goods to Mrs Moyana. 

Rotary Club Past President Vanani Simon Nyangulu connected The Art of Being Humane Foundation with Rotary Assistant District Governor Tina Chirwa who coordinated the donation with Rotary Club of Chipinge. Mrs Chirwa said,

 "Mrs Moyana was very grateful. She has a sad story behind her. During pregnancy, she thought she was carrying twins. On the day she went into Labour, she was admitted at her Village clinic in Mabee. On giving birth, only one baby came out. They failed to deliver the other babies. They were assuming that there was only one baby in the womb remaining. She was driven to St Peters Hospital Checheche. Delivery failed and she was taken to Chiredzi General Hospital, which is 90 km away. On arrival, she was taken straight into Labour Ward. It did not take time for the Hospital staff to deliver the remaining 3 Babies. 2 Boys and 2 Girls. Cute Babies as per attached photos. The quadruplets were born prematurely. They will remain in hospital until each reaches 2 kgs of weight. The smallest one is still 1.6kgs. Mrs Moyana has 2 other children.On behalf of Chipinge Rotary club and all Rotarians worldwide, thank you very much for the Donation, which will go a long way."

We are so greatfull to Mrs Chirwa and Rotary for being willing to assist us to make a difference for Mrs Moyana and her family.

Pictures sent to us by ADG Tina Chirwa 
Mrs Moyana and hospital staff at Chiredzi Hospital
with the donations delivered by Rotary Club of Chipinge

The donation of clothes, nappies and formula including bottles for feeding
delivered to Mrs Moyana on behalf of The Art of Being Humane by The Rotary Club of Chipinge

The Moyana Quadruplets
Mrs Moyana with her quadruplets in Chiredzi Hospital 

See the original appeal here: Appeal for Donations for Lizzy Moyana

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