Thursday, 10 November 2011

FEATURE: Mwemwa Kamwndo-Adams' Story

About  Mwema

Mwema Adams is a volunteer at Matthew Rusike Children’s Home. ABH first came into contact with Mwema at Matthew Rusike Children’s Home when carrying out a site visit as we initiated our relationship and support of Matthew Rusike Children’s Home.

Mwema volunteers at Matthew Rusike as a counselling office for the young people primarily those who are HIV Positive but not exclusively. The reason she volunteers is because she believes this is the work she should be doing however Matthew Rusike is not currently in a financial position to employ her as a paid member of staff.

Mrs Adams husband passed away and she is now a single parent, mother of four children and pregnant with her fifth.  Her third child passed away very early in his young life having contracted the HIV virus at birth whilst her first born child is living with the virus and the second child and fourth child were born HIV-FREE

Mwemwa's Present Situation

When we met Mwemwa she was seven month's pregnant and had a very limited income primarily from good will of those she met and not actual employment. When Mwema went to her local clinic to register as she was aware of her positive HIV status and wanted to access the ARV Therapy treatment that prevents mother-to-child transmission of HIV. She was told that the ARV therapy was free to all those pregnant women who were registered with the clinic. The registration fee was US$30.00. Mwema could not afford this hence she found herself seven months pregnant and not on this vital treatment plan to protect her baby.

What we did

The Art of Being Humane Foundation awarded Mwema a grant of US$35.00 to enable her to get to and from the clinc and to pay the fee to register and start the treatment with the hope that it was not too late for her baby.

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