Monday, 28 November 2011

St. Giles Receives its largest donation in 10years from Mimosa Mining

Today is a great day for St Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre, as they have received their biggest donation in  ten years from Mimosa Mining Company. 

The Donation handover began with a quick tour of the physiotherapy and occupational therapy departments. Thereafter Mr Mawerera the master of ceremony welcomed all guests and introduced board members, staff members and special guests. We then had the CEO of St Giles, Mr Nsangwe give the official welcome followed by the Chairman of the St Giles Board,  Advocate V.S Nyangulu who gave a vote of thanks to fellow board members, St. Giles Staff and a special thanks to Mimosa Mining Company.   

Advocate Nyangulu shared how the support of some corporate entities had allowed St. Giles to be able to  buy a new generator, stove and carpet some area as well as paint section of the centre. 

Advocate Nyangulu then spoke of the work that St Giles carries out and the challenges that they are facing in achieving their goals. He explained how the challenges that St Giles faced are very real and numerous. He appealed for more companies and individuals as they are able to follow the example set by the Mimosa Mining Company and help St. Giles to continue its vital work and improve its facilities for the benefit of the patients. 

The MD of Mimosa Mining Company Mr Chitando gave his speech thereafter; he explained how he learnt of the St Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre from a lady he worked with in 1987-88 in Hwange. This lady had suffered a stroke and was admitted to St Giles for rehabilitation where he had visited her and saw how quickly she was recovering under the care of the St. Giles team. He told of how Mimosa Mining Company is involved in platinum mining in Zvishavane employing approx 1800 people.They started operating as a project in 1994 and formalised their company 1997.  Mimosa Mining Company has a very strong sense of their 'Corporate Social Responisbility' (CSR). Within CSR their main areas of focus are health and education. Mr Chitando said that this is the beginging of what he hoped to be a good and long relationship between St Giles and Mimosa Mining Company.   

Mimosa has provided The St Giles with; a shortwave diathermy, UV light, treadmill set, EARAF power pack for sonopulse 190, wax bath, stationery bike, ultra sound machine, 2 tens machines, massage vibrator, hot pack unit, a home gym, interferential and an air mattress. This equipment is mostly beneficial to the physiotherapy department and has replaced the majority of their redundant equipment as well as brought in new equipment to make the rehabilitation process easier and quicker for the patients.

Photography courtesy of E:thos photography by rudo nyangulu

Tour of the physotherapy and Ocupational Therapy Departments

 The official presentation from Mimosa Mining Company to St. Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre

CEO of St Giles, Mr Nsangwe giving his speach

Chairman of the St. Giles board, Advocate  Nyangulu giving his speach

MD of Mimosa Mining Company Mr Chitando giving his speach

The hadover of the equipment by Mr Chitando on behalf of Mimosa Mining Company to Advocate Nyangulu on behalf of St Giles.

The reception after the handover

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