Monday, 19 September 2011

Announcing a new Project: Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust

The Art of Being Humane has adopted the Elizbeth Chanakira Cancer  Trust (ECCT) as its second project in Harare, Zimbabwe. 

The ECCT project will be a combination of Awareness raising of the trust as well as the various cancers that are prevalent in Zimbabwe and affecting its people. We will have a keen focus on the stories of individuals and their experience of cancer, early testing, treatment and palliativ care. 

We will spearhead  campaigns that will be centered around two key points:

1. Awareness raising and distribution of vital medical and social health information that will allow the general public to identify the necessary services they require for counseling, information testing and treatment of as many cancers as there are services in Zimbabwe.

2. Assisting the centre to set up a group or association that will be responsible for the long term support through awareness raising events,  fundraising and sharing the stories about cancer: survivors and those who caught it too late; as these are the stories that really matter.

We look forward to working closely with the ECCT management team and board to achieve our objectives. 

Please support this project by keeping in touch with what we are doing here on our blog and on our facebook page here

We will also require yor support in spreading the stories we will be sharing with you and giving in any way you can to raise awareness of the many early detection tests available to avoid cancer reaching end stage.

Our relationship wit the ECCT has begun this September with a focus on Cervical Cancer and next month Breast Cancer. We will be running various coffee mornings, test centers and fundraisers during the two months to bring information and awareness to as many different women groups in Harare as possible and beyond where we are able. Join us is spreading the stories that really matter and sharing vital information that will save lives.

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