Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Announcing a New Project: St. Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Young patient at St. Giles.
Photography provided by E:thos

The Art of Being Humane has adopted the St. Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre as its first African project in Harare, Zimbabwe. 

The St. Giles project will be our ground breaking project in Zimbabwe and will be a combination of Awareness raising of the type of service it is, who accesses their services and its relevance in the context of Harare medical provision today. 

We will spearhead a campaign that will be centered around two key points:

1. Filling the funding gap in the short term by fundraising to meet urgent needs in the centre.

2. Assisting the centre to set up a group or association that will be responsible for the long term financial support through fundraising and sharing the stories about St. Giles that really matter.

We look forward to working closely with the st. Giles management team and board to achieve our objectives. 

Please support this project by keeping in touch with what we are doing here on our blog and on our facebook page here. We will also require yor support in spreading the stories we will be sharing with you and giving in any way you can to make St. Giles the kind of place you would want your family and friends to rehabilitate in in the event of the need ever arising.

If you are keen to get involved either by donating or you know more about the project you can contact our project coordinator Donna-Ray Campbell via email @

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