Tuesday, 13 September 2011

St. Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Harare, Zimbabwe

St. Giles is a medical rehabilitation centre and the only one in Harare, Zimbabwe. It gives post stroke, major accident / brain injury patients the ability to regain their motor skills and use limbs that were rendered inactive. St. Giles also has two dormitories one for boys and one for girls and a primary school on site.

This collection of images were taken during a site visit  at St. Giles in September 2011. They are a snapshot of the needs that St. Giles has and they provide an idea of the help that you could give when you partner with us to make a difference in this crucial institution.
A patient 

Most of the computers are outdated and not working
Jacuzzi pool for hydrotherapy is not operating and is in need of repair 

Hoist for patients to go into the hydrotherapy pool  needs replacement

Hand rails in the hydrotherapy pool are now damaged and are less effective tied together with metal wire

Girls dormitory requires new flooring
More bedside commode toilets 

Water damage in the ceiling of the girls dormitory
Hand rails to aid patients are now rusting

There is a need for the bathrooms to be refreshed 
There is a need for new beds 

A sluice room for clinical waste

A ward at St. Giles

The Art of Being Humane / St. Giles Project Coordinator Donna-Ray Campbell
speaking to a speech therapist  about the needs for her department.

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